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About Me

I went from frustrated teacher to entrepreneur mom.

Wondering what my deal is?

First and foremost, I'm a mom to 2 kids and 2 dogs. Other than that, I was a teacher for 10 years before I started making learning resources from home.

What's my passion, you ask?

Reading, of course!

And, I mean that in more than one way.

I teach reading, but I also love books. Reading is a favorite pastime of mine, My kids always laugh because I get pulled into books and often find myself saying, "Just one more chapter." Now, I have a t-shirt that says that. So, if I happen to be wearing it, I can just point to it when someone asks me when I'll be done reading. Lol!

Jessica Diaz, The Monster Crew
the monster crew reading pathway

Curious about how The Monster Crew came to be?

Well, I was organizing my bookshelf after watching The Home Edit on Netflix (love it!), when I thought, 'Wouldn't it be nice if teaching reading was this organized for parents, instead of feeling like there are a million little pieces to fit together in some type of order?' 

Then, I thought about the different steps I take to teach reading and realized I could fit them into a color coded system!

It was kind of ridiculous how exited I was.

And, that is basically how The Monster Crew Reading Pathway was born.

Now, you can easily find products and FREE videos (check out my YouTube channel) by just looking for the color associated with your child's reading level (just take a glance at TMC Reading Pathway to the left for guidance).

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Me at a glance...

Ways to get to know me better...

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