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Nature Family Photo Challenge 📸

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

My kids and I recently did a Nature Family Photo Challenge, and it was so fun! I call it a challenge because my kids seem to think that anything with the word challenge in it is super exciting…lol.

We grabbed our devices, phones or iPads, and headed outside. Our goal was to take awesome pictures of nature…trees, flowers, bugs, etc. In fact, here are a few of our favorites.

The Monster Crew Family's 3 favorite photos from their Nature Family Photo Challenge

Here are a few things I learned from our Photo Adventure:

1.) Consider quality vs. quantity

After getting back inside, we looked over our photos together. My son only took about 8 pictures, while my daughter took close to 400! Because she took so many pictures, we found some really good shots. But, there were also groups of photos that all looked exactly the same…like 10 pictures of the same leafy plant. And, because my son only took 8 pictures, he only ended up getting 1 picture that he thought was really good. So, what does this mean for you?

I would recommend talking to your kids about taking a variety of pictures, enough so that they are sure to get some good ones. But, not so many that you end up with 400 photos…😜

2.) Consider distance.

Being too far away from something makes it hard to see…it’s pretty much that simple. My son was so excited about a picture he had taken of a bird. I mean, sure…makes sense, it’s a bird…pretty cool pic. But, since he didn’t zoom in and he wasn’t very close, the bird wasn’t clear in picture. So, what had the potential to be pretty awesome, ended up falling short.

For this, I’d recommend teaching your kids how to zoom in and out with their device or talking about how close they might want to be when they're taking a picture.


Here are a few ideas to get you started…

1.) Try getting really close

One of the pictures we took, that I thought was pretty cool, was a close-up picture of a fir tree (at least I think it was a fir…looks like a Christmas tree, stays green year-round). Anyway, the close up picture made it so that all you could see was the texture and color of the tree.

Close up picture of a fir tree from The Monster Crew Family's Nature Photo Challenge

2.) Flowers are always a good idea

Some of the prettiest pictures we took were of simple flowers. They are beautiful, colorful, and happy…always a joy to see.

Flowers from The Monster Crew Family's Nature Photo Challenge

3.) Bugs are awesome!

My absolute favorite picture from our Nature Photo Challenge was of a bug…granted, it was sitting on top of a flower. So, it was kind of a two for one type of picture. It’s funny…I don’t generally take the time to look closely at bugs. But, through this challenge, I did. And, it was exciting…to see and appreciate something that normally goes unnoticed.

Photo of a bug from The Monster Crew Family's Nature Photo Challenge

4.) Don’t forget about your shadow

Taking a picture of your shadow can be fun. It’s unexpected, ya know? It could be as simple as taking a picture of your shadow on the ground, with the sun at your back. Or, you could get creative…maybe take a group shot or strike a wacky pose.

The Monster Crew Family taking a photo of a shadow on their Nature Photo Challenge

I hope you enjoyed reading about our Nature Family Photo Challenge and that you’ll consider trying it out with your family!

Stay Awesome!

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