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Time-Lapse Photo Project | Family Fun at Home 📸

time-lapse photography activity

If you’re looking for a fun project to do with your kids, check out this time-lapse photo project idea…especially if you have a puzzle or two sitting around your house that you’ve been meaning to put together.

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1st: Pick out the puzzle

The first step in this photo project is to pick out the puzzle you want to do.

My son got a Pokemon puzzle for Christmas, and we hadn’t gotten around to putting it together yet. But, this project gave us the perfect opportunity! This particular puzzle had around 500 pieces and that seemed to be a good fit for this activity.

2nd: Sort the pieces

Sorting the pieces in advance makes putting the puzzle together a much smoother process.

We sorted the pieces by color and also made separate piles for border and corner pieces…a little trick I picked up from my grandmother when I was a kid. 😋

time-lapse photo activity

3rd: Build the border

I like to build the border for the puzzle first…it helps me to get a good grasp on where things go and how the pieces will fit together.

This is also a great time to snap your first pic. 📸

time-lapse photo activity

4th: Fill in the puzzle + take pictures

Filling in the pieces can take some time. But, if you’ve already sorted the pieces by color, the process will go a lot smoother…especially if your puzzle has clearly defined zones of color like ours.

Also, don’t forget to take pictures throughout the process! 📸

Here are a few tips we figured out during our photo project:

Tip 1: Keep your puzzle and camera in the same spot for each picture…it really helps the time-lapse effect for when you put the photos together at the end.

Tip 2: Consider using a timer. Sometimes you can get caught up in what you’re doing and forget to snap pictures…especially if you enjoy putting together a good puzzle.

stages of taking time-lapse photos

5th: Put it all together

The last step in this photo project is putting all the photos together.

This could be as simple as flipping through the pics on your phone with your kids.

Or, you could put the pictures together in a video program like iMovie. could also put them together in a gif, using a website like Giphy.

You can check out the video at the top of this post to see what the whole process looks like.🔝

Thanks so much for reading this post! I hope you’ll try out this project with your family and that y’all have tons of fun. 😀


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