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Get ready to master the alphabet with our Alphabet Kit! Packed with 9 exciting activities, this kit will keep your little ones engaged while they learn the ABCs.


Product features:

Our Alphabet Kit includes 9 different activities to help kids practice and grow in their alphabet knowledge. 


These activities include… 

- matching letters 

- alphabet bingo 

- making letter pairs 

- match and cover game 

- rainbow writing 

- fill in the missing letters sheets

- uppercase letter art 

- lowercase letter art

- color by letter coloring sheets


Product benefits:

This kit provides kids with fun and interactive ways to learn their letters. By engaging in a variety of activities, children can reinforce their knowledge and gain confidence in their abilities. Plus, the colorful and engaging materials are sure to capture their attention and make learning enjoyable.


Who this is for:

The Alphabet Kit is perfect for pre-k and early kindergarten students who are just beginning to learn their letters. Whether you're a teacher or a parent, this kit is a great resource to help kids develop foundational literacy skills.



"I used the Alphabet Kit in my classroom and my students loved it! The activities were fun and engaging, and they helped my students make progress in their letter recognition skills."

- Mrs. Davis, kindergarten teacher


"My daughter had so much fun with the Alphabet Kit. She especially loved the match and cover game and the color by letter sheets."

- Talia, parent


Note: This product is a digital download. It will be active for 30 days after your purchase, so please download it right away. Once you download the kit, you may print it as many times as you like to use with your kids/classroom students.




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Alphabet Kit

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