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Introducing the Handwriting Kit, the perfect tool for kids who are just learning how to write. This kit features specialized sections that help kids develop pre-writing skills and practice both uppercase and lowercase letters.


Product Features:

  • Section dedicated to developing pre-writing skills
  • Section dedicated to writing uppercase letters
  • Section dedicated to writing lowercase letters
  • Review section for both uppercase and lowercase letters


This kit includes a pre-writing skills section that helps kids transition from not being able to write letters to being able to write both upper and lowercase letters. The dedicated sections for uppercase and lowercase letters allow students to focus on practicing one letter at a time and show kids the proper order for drawing lines to form letters. The review section includes a sheet dedicated to reviewing all the uppercase letters and another sheet for reviewing all the lowercase letters.


Product Benefits:

This Handwriting Kit is designed to help kids develop the skills they need to write both uppercase and lowercase letters with ease. By providing specialized sections for pre-writing skills and letter formation, this kit makes it easy for kids to transition from not being able to write to writing with confidence.


Who This Is For:

This Handwriting Kit is ideal for pre-k and kindergarten students who are just beginning to learn how to write. With specialized sections that cater to their needs, this kit is the perfect tool for helping kids develop the skills they need to become successful writers.



"My daughter loves the Handwriting Kit! It's the perfect tool for helping her develop the skills she needs to write both uppercase and lowercase letters."

- Samantha, parent


"I highly recommend the Handwriting Kit to anyone who wants to help their child become a successful writer. It's easy to use and provides all the tools kids need to learn how to write with confidence."

- John, parent


Note: This product is a digital download. It will be active for 30 days after your purchase, so please download it right away. Once you download the kit, you may print it as many times as you like to use with your kids/classroom students.




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Handwriting Kit

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