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Introducing Stories for Beginning Readers Level 2! With a collection of 20 engaging stories, this kit takes young readers on a marvelous literary adventure. Unlike the Level 1 kit, Level 2 stories incorporate a mixture of short vowels, allowing children to explore the rich variety of vowel sounds. Meticulously mapped out high frequency words, along with sections to break down and sound out reading words, make this kit an ideal companion for young learners.


Product Features:

Each story in this Level 2 kit unveils a world of imagination and learning. While the focus shifts to a mix of short vowels, the mapping of high frequency words remains a key feature. This unique approach helps children visualize and internalize these frequently encountered words, strengthening their reading skills.


Product Benefits: 

The interactive sections in each story provide students with an opportunity to dissect and sound out the reading words, reinforcing their phonetic understanding. As the stories in Level 2 are slightly longer, children are introduced to more complex sentence structures and a wider range of vocabulary, fostering their reading fluency and comprehension.


Who this kit is for:

Parents and teachers will find this resource invaluable for expanding their child's or student's reading abilities. The carefully crafted stories and interactive elements in this Level 2 kit continue to build upon the solid foundation established in Level 1. It's the perfect progression to further enhance reading skills and instill a lifelong love of literature.



"My daughter thoroughly enjoyed Level 1, and Level 2 has taken her reading journey to the next level. The mixture of short vowels and slightly longer stories kept her engaged and challenged. She's become a confident reader, and I couldn't be prouder!" 

  • Mark, parent


"As an educator, I highly recommend the Stories for Beginning Readers Level 2. The incorporation of different short vowels adds variety and helps students develop a broader understanding of phonics. The interactive sections effectively reinforce phonetic skills, making it an invaluable resource in the classroom." 

  • Mrs. Thompson, teacher


For parents and teachers seeking the perfect resource to nurture young readers, look no further than Stories for Beginning Readers Level 2. With its blend of short vowels, mapped high frequency words, and interactive elements, this kit is designed to inspire and empower young minds.


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Note: This product is a digital download. It will be active for 30 days after your purchase, so please download it right away. Once you download the kit, you may print it as many times as you like to use with your kids/classroom students.


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Stories for Beginner Readers (Level 2)

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