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Jessica Diaz, founder of The Monster Crew

Hi! I'm Jessica.

I'm a reading coach.

I help moms and dads teach their kids to read. 

So, if you're just starting out or you’ve been trying to teach your child to read for a while, I’m here to help!

Wondering what to do now?

You can start by grabbing one of my free goodies!

Next, you can check out The Monster Crew Reading Pathway (just scroll down).

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alphabet posters, free download

Alphabet Posters

word mat, free download

Word Mat

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The Monster crew reading pathway

the monster crew reading pathway

TMC Reading Pathway is a color coded system that shows you the order I follow to teach reading skills (as well as the approximate age group for each section).

My FREE YouTube learning videos and the products I offer also follow the color coded system, so you can always find the level you're looking for with ease.

For example...

If your child is just starting out and you're looking for help with teaching them the alphabet and phonics, you would look for products or videos that are red (pre-k and early kindergarten).

If your child knows their letters and the sounds they make, then you would look at orange items (where we start learning to read and build words).

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